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SEO Technology

PCS SEO Technology
PCS`s patented SEO technology is designed from the ground up for scale and performance. PCS`s combines several advanced technologies that together deliver the most powerful yet easy to use SEO platform:
- Searchlight provides the most comprehensive SEO metrics available. Gain instant visibility and reporting capabilities into vital natural search data and keyword analytics.
- Comprehensively track the SEO strategies of major competitors. Gain insight and strategy through competitor analysis to identify new SEO opportunities.
- Prioritized page optimization recommendation in Searchlight enables you to instantly identify prioritized SEO initiatives for maximum search ROI.
- Real-time alerts notify you of significant keyword rank movement as well as competitor rank changes. Instantly identify new opportunities to optimize rank and manage issues through keyword analysis.
- Searchlight's Automated Backlink tool, LinkCenter enables SEO professionals to optimize their link building programs, monitor competitor strategy and identify new opportunities.
- Searchlight provides intelligent insight through keyword discovery solutions so you can identify, monitor and implement new optimization opportunities to increase your brand reach.
- Tie your SEO metrics and business milestones together with Searchlight. Integrate your analytics platform of choice to deliver ROI reporting and insights from SEO across your organization.
- With PCS's scalable Keyword Management and Reporting keyword features you can manage keywords at an aggregated level to effectively connect SEO efforts with business goals.
- Prioritize strategies and achieve higher conversions to significantly increase revenue from natural search with Searchlight Preferred Landing Page Management.
- Prioritized Enterprise SEO Workflow and task management that delivers a holistic natural search experience to your organization. Collaborate, share and manage SEO programs to improve productivity and achieve faster results.
- Get an unfair advantage in natural search with PCS Searchlight. Track your digital assets and analyze competitors in blended Google universal search pages, identify classic and TrueRank™ along with pixel position for maximum visibility.
- Expand your brands global reach and access international customers with Searchlight International SEO. Track keywords and pages across search engines from a single location for global search dominance.
- Track and report social network brand signals from Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the most comprehensive social media metrics available for total SEO intelligence.
- The largest and most experienced Customer Success team in natural search is on-hand to help you achieve success with SEO training, support and consulting whenever you need it.