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24-7 IT Support

Computer Support

Why Us?  We are different from other IT support providers because we are proactive, not reactive. We make sure you can rely on your IT; we believe that prevention is better than cure.
We guarantee our work with a unique warranty: if you have a business-critical issue that we should have prevented we fix it at our cost. We guarantee to have someone on-site within four working hours.
We have nationwide coverage from offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Swiss; our support team is all based in the Egypt. We are a customer service business first and technology, We take our professionalism very seriously. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an active member of Intellect, Our technical staff are all Microsoft Certified Professionals – as well as holding many other certifications.

Larch Computer Services offers flexible Software Support Agreements, which include: Operating System Support, Network Support (Network Operating System), Backup Software Support, Antivirus Software Support & Application Software Support to complement the Computer Maintenance & Network Infrastructure Maintenance Agreements.
Operating System Support provides for re-installation of customer supplied operating system and driver software, as required, after a hardware failure (Post Hardware Failure), or after an operating system failure (Post Hardware or Software Failure).
Network Operating System Support provides Operating System Support as above, for a server, but with the additional benefit of having the latest customer provided tape backup restored.
Telephone Support provides telephone assistance in the rectification of faults with hardware or software listed in the Agreement Schedule.
Service Pack & Driver Update Support provides post hardware or software failure download & installation of latest Service Packs, Drivers & Critical Updates as required. Only available with a Broadband connection to the Internet.
Backup Software Support provides for re-installation of customer supplied Backup Software after a hardware failure (Post Hardware Failure), or after an operating system or tape Backup Software failure (Post Hardware or Software Failure).

What service features are included into premium tech support?

  Windows support: MAC Operating System: Other Support Feature:  
• Outlook Crash Recovery
• Email Account Restoration
• Windows Errors
• DLL Errors
• Windows 7 Support
• Windows Vista Support
• Windows XP Support
• Microsoft Office Support
• Application Compatibility




• Mac OS X Mail Help
• Mac OS X Support
• Installation tips
• Downloads and Updates






• PC tune-up
• Virus removal
• Power calibration
• Software tips
• Internet Help
• General speed up
• Lost data restoration
• E-mail backup
• Data backup
• Power optimization
• Heat reduction
• Silent operation
• Peripherals