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Little about us

We are responsible for all what we are, have and do Perfect Computer System Consulting and Support Services (PCS) are geared towards small, medium and large businesses who need fast and affordable solutions for network availability, security, performance or manageability. This brief list of services and technical expertise will give you a sense of how PCS can help you increase the business value of your information network.
PCS's state of the art customer support office uses the internet and wireless technology to ensure that a technician or a consultant is ready to solve your problems quickly. Our headquarters are in Mohandesein, Giza, Egypt. PCS offers onsite troubleshooting, outsourcing and also offers consulting services to businesses to all sites. PCS offers remote monitoring and repair services for lan and wan installations which can reduce costs and improve service levels anywhere. PCS's team are experienced in design, installation, integration of cogestive networks by using advanced technology from a varity of top hardware and sotware verndors that include 3 Com, Adaptec, Wireless, Check Point, Cisco, Computer Associates, D-link, Hp/Compad, Dell Computers, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Linksys, Maxtor, Netgear, Netopia, Network Associates, Nortel, Quantum, Smc Networks, Symantect.
The team at Perfect Computer System's can give your business access to an IT Consulting professional with expertise in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, Microsoft Outook 2000, And VPN Technology, in oder to dfline a fault tolerant email solution that provides secure email connectivity throughout your business.

Corporate Profile





In the current age of information, Perfect Computer System (PCS) strives to provide the latest IT solutions and services that help our clients implement a healthy transformation through technology.

PCS has always been known for its unconditional dedication to the clients. Accurate, timely and complete delivery is our way to achieving customer satisfaction.

We build a partnership with our clients through continuous communication and constant measurement of their satisfaction.

Our services fulfill the needs of five major economic sectors; Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities, Enterprise, Government. We adopt a modern customer-on-top business model, in which enhancing customer perceived value is an ultimate goal.

In the ever-changing world of technology, well-founded strategic approach has become indispensable to the growth of organizations. This growth will have a major impact on the economy resulting in local and regional development.

During the previous period, Perfect Computer System (PCS) has managed to re-engineer its processes and consolidate the strengths which led the company to the current strong position in the field of systems integration within the region.

Operational efficiency, based on sound Quality Assurance and Management Information System, is the tool for developing internal processes. We believe that human capital investment is a major foundation for success. In addition to that, we have been applying a powerful management tool, based on the Balanced Scorecard concept. In order to reach a higher performance level, our current strategy has been set to boost the heartbeat of transformation.

As Perfect Computer System (PCS)  develops and expands into new markets, it continues to focus on serving its stakeholders in order to effectively contribute to the growth of the information society.





Founded in 1999 , Perfect Computer System (PCS)  is a national company with an international perspective.

To provide quality service, Perfect Computer System (PCS) has set a principle, since its inception, of selecting a pool of experienced professionals who are dedicated to serving its client base. With the growth of trust in Perfect Computer System (PCS) , the number of staff expanded to more than 50  employees serving a client-base of more than 500 companies in various sectors inside and outside Cairo.

9es of Distinction




To be recognized and valued as one of the premier Systems Integrators in the region in our fields of choice.




To contribute to local and regional development with our technology solutions, commitment and outstanding customer service.

We offer integrated, end-to-end solutions and services that assist our clients in running their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability.

We strive to maintain an open, honest, trustworthy, creative and friendly environment that empowers our people and encourages them to achieve their full potential.

We are aware of our society and our environment and through our dedicated efforts and contributions we shall always endeavour to set a standard for others to follow.




We will enhance the present culture, development plans and line processes to be consistent with our Quality Policy. We shall always strive to achieve the satisfaction of our clients ensuring an image of differentiation, quality, and customer service excellence. We shall always maintain the interests of our stakeholders at heart; our employees, our partners and our hareholders.


Quality Policy:


Our Quality Policy is to strictly adhere to our procedures, and to continually improve them so that we meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Each one of us at Perfect Computer System (PCS)  is responsible for Quality.

The key to our Quality Success is the commitment of the staff members to this policy, which differentiates us within the market, and consequently increases the value of our people.


IT Consultancy:


Perfect Computer System (PCS)  has built on its experience and understanding of both the technology and the market requirements in providing its clients with total solutions that address their specific local and regional requirements.

Technology consulting is based on the strategic know how coupled with thorough understanding of key technology dynamics. Perfect Computer System (PCS)  plans the adoption, development and integration of advanced technology solutions into the client’s operation. Perfect Computer System (PCS)  consultancy empowers its clients with a competitive edge to stay ahead. One of the main policies of IT consultancy is to transfer knowledge in order to help the clients to achieve their goals and reap the fruits of success.


Served Sectors :


Perfect Computer System (PCS)  offers a wide range of solutions and services; coupled with deep business knowledge and based on  10 years of experience in the region.

Perfect Computer System (PCS)  fully understands its clients’ requirements and manages to provide them with the best fully integrated solutions.

Perfect Computer System (PCS)  has been providing its clients with innovative fully integrated Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), both in house developed and partner developed solutions. Perfect Computer System (PCS) ’

OSS/BSS solutions are focused on delivering fully integrated, fully tested, world-class solutions designed specifically to customized requirements.

Every solution provided by Perfect Computer System (PCS)  is meant to increase the client's revenue, to enhance customer satisfaction and to help the client to gain a competitive edge.



Oil & Gas:


Perfect Computer System (PCS) ’ total solutions presented to the Oil & Gas sector are designed to optimize operations, to ensure full process automation, and to substantially improve the production processes, while maintaining

a permanently safe and cost effective environment.




Perfect Computer System (PCS) , a pioneer in optimizing technology, presents its portfolio of advanced technological solutions specifically geared for the Manufacturing sector. With these solutions fully integrated into the manufacturer’s

business, the manufacturer will be able to efficiently control and manage the operations. Additionally, the provided solutions help the manufacturer in taking a proactive approach towards environment protection.




The role of the Utilities sector has grown steadily in both scope and importance over the past century. This created the utility companies’ need for reliable, credible and consistent information on their performance and

expenditures to secure economic growth with competitively priced services. Perfect Computer System (PCS)  solutions lead to improving the efficiency of the Utilities sector

operations and provide it with the sufficient infrastructure for market stabilization, and improved coordination of supply resources.




Business solutions provide the Enterprise sector with a seamless integrated process management, guaranteeing faster process cycles and access to more

accurate information. Consequently, productivity and efficiency increase substantially.

Perfect Computer System (PCS)  helps enterprises to implement solutions of infrastructure, processing, communication and business applications layers. These solutions can be modulated according to the clients’ needs, thus helping them to

open the gates of global business.




Perfect Computer System (PCS)  provides the Government sector with multiple solutions that help government bodies in achieving their current automation goals through the automation and modernization of operations.

These solutions provide government bodies with an automated and convenient working environment thus ensuring proper data management and control of information. This, in turn, provides accurate and updated

information to decision makers and helps to establish an up-to-date national databases.



Client base:


Customer satisfaction is Perfect Computer System (PCS) ’ ultimate goal and the main reason behind the company’s current strategy. There has been a steady growth in its client base reaching more than 500 companies. Perfect Computer System (PCS)  grants customer satisfaction to all of its client base all over the region, through providing outstanding services which fulfill their specific requirements.


Partners & Alliances:


Perfect Computer System (PCS)  believes that cooperation results in an added value to clients. Perfect Computer System (PCS)  has partnered with outstanding world-class technology providers. These partnerships empower us to be better exposed to

forthcoming challenges, adding new dimensions to the solutions and services we offer.


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